Inventory Management App

An app that speed up the process to restock and accurately manage the inventory.

Project Summary

The inventory management app helps speed up restocking auto parts, performing cycle counts, email, view or print reports, and accurately manage the inventory.


UX Research
Experience Designer


The company was still using old methods to manage the inventory, which was inefficient and time consuming.


I proposed to adopt a warehouse management system to keep track of the inventory. Instead of buying a new OS, I suggested designing/developing an app that becomes an extension of the current OS the HQ was using.


I started interviewing my co-workers on using more efficient methods to manage the inventory. I conducted interviews within my store and other stores in my district and learned that every store has its process/method to manage its inventory.

I then reached out to the HQ warehouse to get more insight into how they manage its inventory and find out that they use an in-house operating system to track the entire company’s auto parts inventory.

Lastly, I reached out to the IT department to get details about the in-house operating system they use and could only get the information that the HQ can create a QR code of the inventory they ship to stores.

Content Strategy

The audience demographics were 25-70 years old males and females. So I had to keep in mind that accessibility is a priority here and ease of use.

After the interviews, I mapped the user’s response and thought to understand their environment and emotional connection. To keep the juices flowing, I started conducting card sorting sessions with the users, which helped me uncover user interaction information, analyze the results and create a validated information architecture plan.

Sketches & Prototypes

I started sketching the users interface to understand how the elements will be placed on the page. I was so excited to jump on a high-fidelity prototype I completely ignored to create a clickable wireframe and test it with the users.

Later in the process, it cost me to re-do the card sorting with the users, updating the sitemap, user flows sketches and prototypes. The error pushed my completion date a week further than I originally intended.


The inventory management app being my first UX case study, I was quite anxious about interviewing my co-workers. Still, I learned that I was having a conversation with them at the end of the day, also learned to validate ideas with users as early as possible. I hope to develop my design skills, have a more personal style, and design with clarity. Overall I enjoyed working on this project.

CLICK HERE for a detailed version of the case study!
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