Research, interface, and experience design for users to order and deliver cannabis products to their homes.

Self initiated project

Project timeline: 6 weeks

Tools: Figma & Photoshop


With states legalizing cannabis, users now have access to premium quality cannabis but only an option to pick up from a dispensary.


Create another option where users could order their cannabis and have it delivered to their doorstep with the possibility of choosing between two methods: delivery or in-store pick up.

I led this 6 week project from research through test and collaborated closely with the users to make sure the project aligned with the goals I had established.


I planned and conducted 10 1-on-1 interviews with current and new cannabis users. I also talked to a few dispensary workers to understand the services they are and aren't offering.


Creating a user flow helped me identify its essential steps and showed me the bigger picture of the process. As a result, I organized the tasks and quickly improved the app's efficiency.


I quickly started sketching my ideas and created high-fidelity wireframes.

Style guide

I chose green for the color of the cannabis flower because it is a bold color that commands attention. I used Poppins for out typeface because it is playful, modern, looks professional, and is great to use for headlines and paragraph copy that helps improve readability and style.


Sign in/Sign up: Suppose the user chooses to use medicinal purposes and skips uploading a medical marijuana license during registration. In that case, the app will prompt the user to upload them during the checkout to move forward with the purchase.


Cart: Suppose the user chooses to schedule delivery; the user can choose the date and time from the slots available to deliver their products.


Products, Search & Favorites




Reiterating the importance of doing testing on prototypes helped me uncover that users wanted to have a tracking option for their orders.

It also helped me become a more user-centric designer, and continuously getting the user feedback improved the user flow of the application.

In the visual phase, I noticed that I started to obsess over tiny details, which slowed down my progress, something I need to work on improving.

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