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Warehouse and Ladder Poster

Project Summary

I was learning UX design when I did this little experiment at work. This experiment aimed to create a safe work environment in the warehouse and find dedicated spots for the ladders. By doing this, I helped increase the work efficiency and safety by 85%.


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I observed the warehouse work environment, and it was getting hard to work efficiently since none of the ladders had a designated spot. Everyone would use the ladder but will not return it to a safe location or out of the way for others to work safely.


The solution was simple, find a dedicated spot for ladders. The challenge was to make them more accessible throughout the warehouse, so employees are not walking one corner to another to grab a ladder.

Process & Sketch

I started by creating a sketch of the warehouse. The design gave me a better understanding of where to place the ladders and how easily accessible they will be from any part of the warehouse.

After creating the design, I ran it by my store manager. I showed him the current problem and the solution and pointed out my co-workers' safety by implementing the proposed solution.

Sketch of a Warehouse


I decided to use caution tape for the designated areas where the ladders need to go after the use. The designated spots are three aisles apart from one another. This way, it makes the ladders more accessible from any part of the warehouse.



CLICK HERE for a detailed version of the case study!
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